Monday, August 4, 2008

CMF Intros

I'm about to go on tour again with CMF soon, and have been thinking about the stuff I've done for them over the past year. I wanted to post some of the better past intros, which were little shorts I made to play at the beginning of each school's screening and were intended to introduce CMF and the hosts of the show in a fun or interesting light. I put alot of thought, work and time into several of these, which was a sort of fun exercise at producing a ton of content every week on the fly. It also became very frustrating, as they wouldn't really give me the resources I needed to produce everything at the level I wanted. I guess it comes down to some happy medium needing to be struck, but I felt more often than not that I was screaming in a hurricane in wanting to produce high quality content that showed the company in a good light and they wanted something that cost no money and would fill the gap before the students' shorts played. I guess I can see it both ways, but it sucked to work so hard on a bunch of stuff that I'd never put on my reel. Live and learn, folks.

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