Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cycle 2 Inspiration #5

In the film, there's the outside world the characters physically inhabit, and then there's the interior drug stupor/world they enter. The outside world is being reclaimed by nature. Everyone's on the drug, and people aren't really around anymore (or in any shape to do any landscaping), so nature is taking the city back. Green and grey as the color pallet for these sequences.

This contrasts visually as well with the drug world, which I'm thinking of as an internal, visceral place. Reds and blues for blood and insides. Also sex and smut (red lights) and evil science and chemistry (blue, cold) vs. the outside natural green and concrete world.

There's also an idea we're working with of jerry-rigged weapons. Started looking at prison weapons for inspiration, but want our weapons on a bigger scale. Really enjoy the ingenuity and nastiness that goes into thinking up these weapons, though.

Monday, December 21, 2009

General Butt Naked and Other Naked Fighting

Some more cycle 2 inspiration. A friend at school worked on a documentary about this guy, General Butt Naked, which is interesting in that I was just talking to the team about including butt naked fighting in the film. Collective consciousness is a reality.

I'm interested in the idea of hyper-masculinity demonstrated in fighting naked. This is a frightening prospect to me, as you're so damn vulnerable. On the other hand, I'd definitely be scared if I saw some crazed naked man running towards me with murder in his eyes. I'd be all like: "That dude is a powerful man that could totally murder me", and I'd die a painful and perplexing death. Beowulf disrobes while he's kicking the shit out of Grendel. Viggo is attacked in a steam room and forced to fight butt naked in Eastern Promises, but he rises to the challenge and comes out the alpha-male. Prisons, cavemen, etc. Interested in working with this a bit further.

More on General Butt Naked. He only wore sneakers into battle. Pretty nuts:

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cycle 2 Inspiration #4

Like the redness in Iris' room. Remember an old VHS of this that I had that made the red light bloom more. Damn DVDs!!

Two guys beat each other to death in a stairwell: