Monday, December 21, 2009

General Butt Naked and Other Naked Fighting

Some more cycle 2 inspiration. A friend at school worked on a documentary about this guy, General Butt Naked, which is interesting in that I was just talking to the team about including butt naked fighting in the film. Collective consciousness is a reality.

I'm interested in the idea of hyper-masculinity demonstrated in fighting naked. This is a frightening prospect to me, as you're so damn vulnerable. On the other hand, I'd definitely be scared if I saw some crazed naked man running towards me with murder in his eyes. I'd be all like: "That dude is a powerful man that could totally murder me", and I'd die a painful and perplexing death. Beowulf disrobes while he's kicking the shit out of Grendel. Viggo is attacked in a steam room and forced to fight butt naked in Eastern Promises, but he rises to the challenge and comes out the alpha-male. Prisons, cavemen, etc. Interested in working with this a bit further.

More on General Butt Naked. He only wore sneakers into battle. Pretty nuts:

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  1. Buck Naked fights are terrifying! Eastern Promises did it well. Don't forget Patrick Bateman murdering people with a chainsaw in nothing but his birthday suit and a pair of socks!