Thursday, April 9, 2009

Burned Money Vol. 1

Thought I'd start listing cool stuff I've gotten recently and my thoughts on them if any. Probably won't keep up with this, but it'll be an addition to the Random Inspiration posts when possible. Just trying to create a dialogue here, people.

Robocop CC: Love me some Paul Verhoeven. Total Recall, Starship Troopers, and the best of all, Robocop. Violent for no damned reason. Pitch-black satire. Oddly effective stop motion. Never thought I'd get a copy of this on Criterion, but patience wins friends.

Silence of the Lambs CC: "I'd fuck me."

The Ten Commandments: I have very few film traditions, and this is one. DeMille's Ten Commandments on easter (for some odd reason, memories of watching this at my grandparents? Don't know why we were over there during the school year? Did they give time off around then?), The Quiet Man on St. Paddy's (Brian and Mom), war movies on Memorial Day (AMC/Brian again), and the History channel proving Jesus is a lie on Christmas (They must really hate Jesus, because I swear they do this every year).

Exodus: Never seen this, but love Paul Newman, so there you go. Also, fits into my passover celebrations? Maybe? Jews?

The Rock CC: Companion piece to my Armageddon Criterion. Michael Bay is pretty awesome, Bad Boys 2 being my personal fave, but I haven't seen Pearl Harbor. Can I really be a true fan?

Editor's Note: Pearl Harbor is on cable right now and I am watching it. Did I waste one of God's movie favors on a Michael Bay film? End Editor's Note.

Capote: In Cold Blood happens to be one of my favorite books, and I thought they did a great job with this. Mixing a biopic and the book all up into a big gooey mess. Works for me. Watched half of this at Mike Moghaddam's house a couple of weeks ago when couch bumming for the AFI interview.

Psycho: One of Hitchcock's better films. Cool because it was made on the cheap and was able to do whatever it wanted. DVD looks like it's got a cool doc on the making of.

Walking Dead Vol. 8: These have been pretty good. Some cheesy dialogue and then they'll hit you with a ridiculous cliffhanger. Got to admire making you buy the next volume despite not really wanting to. I've got a post in me some day about the positive / negative of trades and single issues of comics. Someday.

Captain America (Brubaker) 43-48: Awesome. They killed off the main character, and he hasn't been in his own comic for a year or two now, and it's still one of the best comics out. Brubaker is the best writer working in comics today.

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