Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I've been trying to upload all of my old short films on IMDb, which, as we all know, is an important step towards fame and fortune in a young filmmaker's life. They make it ridiculously difficult to get listed on there for some reason. I've got to assume has something to do with the site being British, but the listings are finally starting to show up. Here's the link to "Gunmetal Grey":

Vote for it if you've seen it. If you haven't, you can go here and do so (and then follow step one):

Hopefully the others will show up soon. I'll post links for them then.


  1. maybe it's just me, but i got no sound on the imeem video. Aside from that, looks fuckin awesome. cinematography is spot on.

  2. checked it out and it worked for me. weird though, thanks for the heads up. and thanks for checking it out.

  3. Gun Metal Grey has been voted for. I gave it a strong 6/10! The new bumps for CMF kick ass. They make me want to watch Save by the Bell and get a fly new flat top.

  4. You're downright professional!! Thanks for the thoughts Ryan. I passed portfolio yesterday, so I'm officially graduating here in a week, and then...who knows.

    I spoke with Adam a little about doing some animation, and he's interesting in talking further about it. I'm supposed to see him tomorrow, so we'll talk more then, and try and set up a meet.

    Hope all is well brother,