Tuesday, September 9, 2008

door prize 2 - Ryan Prows

door prize 1 - Ryan Prows

These will be the last bumps I post from the upcoming CMF tour, as I'm finishing this stuff up. Shout out to Terry Downtain for some new music in all of this stuff. He wrote some great early 90s skate-rink goofiness. Ultimately, I got some fun stuff out of it all, but I'm excited as shit to move on.

I've also been working on some vignettes for Bervis the Bum, a character that we've been messing around with for a while. I can honestly say these push the boundaries of what's been done in comedy and am excited to finish them up and see where they go. I'll probably post clips or put together a trailer next.

We're still working on the audio and visual effects for "Public School", and I'm trying to get the audio fixed on "Remembering Why I Was Beaten to Death" and the extended cut of "The Agoraphobic". I want to submit these to a bunch of festivals, which I haven't done much with my older stuff. Definitely need to start getting my films seen around more.

I'm spending two weeks at a school in North Carolina, and then it's off to L.A. for a couple of months, which will afford me plenty of time to get all of this (and more) done. Maybe. I'm going back and reworking a feature script I wrote a while ago, and once I get it fixed up a bit I'm going to shoot the damn thing myself. Fuck waiting on a budget.


  1. watching your little bumps make me wish I still had my sweet as game gear!

  2. yeah. you remember the turbograffix handheld that let you play the regular games. i never knew anyone who had one, so it became a legendary system around my parts. everyone would speak in hushed tones about that and neo geos.

  3. no doubt, those are sweet.
    i like the track for it too.