Monday, September 22, 2008

Random Inspiration

Don't really want to be one of those guys that blogs everything he sees/reads/listens to, but also want a handy place to throw out little stuff that inspired me. Mainly here to remind me of little stuff I liked in whatever. So here we are:

How the West Was Won.

Seen a bit of this before, but recent caught the remastered version that fixed the lines in the picture. Nightmarish colors and distorted pictures from the cameras (3!) that they shot it with. Be cool to shoot a video or dream sequence with something like this. Sounds like a real headache to shoot Cinerama.


Best Mamet thing I've seen in a while. "There is no situation that you cannot get out of." Awesome mantra. Dialogue felt more natural than usual for his scripts, though mainly just Ejiofor's character. So it could of just been him.

The Demon.

Very cool book with a lame ending. Felt like one of the most honest character workings from Selby, and then slid into dumbsville. But a very complex, interesting character none-the-less.

Brubaker Authority.

Fun book. Cool reveal with bringing Bendix back. And it all felt pretty epic with the passage of years in the story. Always like it when a story takes place over an extended period of time. And like most of the work Dustin Nguyen does, especially Wildcats 2.0 or whatever they were calling it, but he's hit or miss and the art in this felt uneven. Awesome in places and flat in others. Some of his storytelling could be better. Overall, I dig his style though.

Eyes Wide Shut

Tried watching this again. Ridiculous movie. Hated it when I saw it the first time, and have slightly warmed to it mainly for the secret society stuff, the ludicrous acting, sound and music design, weird floating bodies censoring the sex and the overall unfounded impression that I get from this movie about Scientology. Also got a Shining vibe from the Kubrick cross-dissolves, especially in the middle of the tracking shots. Made me like the movie all that more.

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