Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Loopt Commercial

Loopt Commercial - Ryan Prows

Shot this commercial a week or so ago in L.A. at USC. It's for a new iPhone app that CMF and AT&T want to promote. Didn't really get a budget for it as they'd already tried to do a commercial that got rejected. This also, of course, meant it was a month past the deadline and that AT&T wasn't happy with the situation. So I was tasked to come up with something that we could shoot cheap and fast. I'm pretty happy about the result, I just want to reshoot the close-ups on the phone. And I wouldn't mind getting some new music for it. Also, shout out to young Shannon for acting in it, getting the extras, and getting us all up on the roof.


  1. appreciate the comments man. i really like the commercial. feels really solid and well put together on a time crunch. keep it up man. take care.


  2. Thanks man. I really want to see more of the Peter Pan stuff you did. Post some more of it!

  3. Shannon your go to actress these days? well done w/ the resources you had.