Thursday, August 14, 2008

MORE Skate Rink Bumps

CMF bump: Best Drama - CMF

CMF Bump - CMF

CMF Bump 2 - CMF

Still working on the promo stuff for the upcoming CMF tour. These are a couple more bumps, one of which will be part of a series of skits that play announcing each category at the shows, that are in various stages of post. Still trying to figure my way around the footage, and cut some great looking stuff. Mainly playing with titles, music, and info presented in the bumps at this point. And trying to figure out an overall structure for the editing. Will I have titles throughout or at the end only, will I have atmosphere shots in every one with the CMF logos, that kind of thing.


  1. haha
    damn, these are dope as hell.
    the "sister" line is golden. haha

  2. Thanks for taking look, and for the comment. Your stuff looks pretty awesome.

  3. Thanks for the comments, mangg! The "sister" line is classic. Im diggin the films, definitely coming back!