Friday, August 15, 2008

Public School. Finally. WTFuck!

Sitting at a post house this very minute, watching the transfer of an HD master of the footage for a short film I did called "Public School" so Doug over at UpThink can do the effects and color correction. I shot this a little over two years ago now, and while it's had many stops and starts on the long road to getting it completed, I'm still excited as hell about it and think it's going to be something new and different from me. I think it's got some cool stuff to say, and hope people will dig it. Either way, I've finished the final cut, and now it's finally in the final stages of finally being completed. Finally.

I also heard some of the score Terry's been writing for it, and think it's going to sound great and fit perfectly. It finally feels like it's actually coming together. The plan is to get this into a ton of festivals, and do some screenings in town as well. Shit, I think it's earned it at this point. And everyone that helped out and have been waiting around for it have earned it too.

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