Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend Project

Shot another commercial over the weekend to help build on my reel. Wanted to try something different, and did the shoot using only a still camera. I'm going to edit the spot as scenes consisting of several photos played in succession. So instead of shooting a scene normally, I'm going to piece together an impression of movement with key stills. I got the inspiration from looking over a ton of animators' blogs recently. John K's blog in particular is pretty great in how it's mainly concerned with the nuts and bolts of animation. These all basically got me thinking about a different approach to the medium I work in. Film in terms of animation: treating my main images as key frames, and then cutting out the stuff in between. Controlling the image.

Mike Moghaddam's got a sweet digital SLR and I was able to beg him out to help. Shannon from USC (and the loopt commercial I did) agreed to be in it last minute. I'm excited to cut it together and see how the experiment worked out. Here's an example of a series of keyframes that I'll edit together to get some cool jerky movement:

I also did this a while ago for Megan, and always liked how I threw still frames in of stuff around the house. Probably stuck in my head until now.


  1. Dearest Ryan Prows,
    I've been away for awhile but I got a chance to watch every single video that you've posted on your blog in the past couple of months and I think a lot of works really well. I'm learning a lot by seeing your stuff. Got some trance-y digital music going on in most of them and you cut/edit to it really well.
    -Baby Bird.

  2. B Bird! Sorry we never hooked up while we were in San Jose, but I heard you might be coming east for the Florida tour?

    Yeah, I want to change that music for some of the stuff, but you know CMF only has a couple of useable songs that don't sound retarded.

  3. I don't know anything about film to say anything useful there, but from a consumer perspective I really enjoyed this video. Reasons known to me: I finally get to see where you guys live, which tells a story in itself. I heard a new song I liked. Going into it knowing you did it for Megan was pretty cool so it was very personal in that way, which I appreciate, especially the knitting project shots. And there's one thing I liked that i don't know the lingo for, but I'm sure there is some: those cuts in the middle of walking around were like a little story within a story. i could even say it gave texture to the character of the movie. anyway, those are my thots. not that you asked. see y'all soon :)